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Base Camp

‘Nottingham volunteer-support project hailed a success by independent report’.

Bright Ideas recently completed an evaluation of Base Camp.  Attached for download is the press release from the Partnership Council detailing the projects successes.

‘A Nottingham project that helps people to set up their own community projects as volunteers has been hailed a great success in an independent evaluation report carried out by Nottingham organisation Bright Ideas recently.

The project, called Base Camp, is funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s BASIS Programme and Capacitybuilders, and specialises in helping people from Nottingham’s South Asian communities.

Since 2007, Base Camp has helped to set up over 46 community groups and has brought over 200,000 worth of funding into Nottingham, which has been used to help volunteers run a huge range of community projects benefiting children, young people, families, women and the elderly in particular.’

Base Camp press release