New Comments

New Comments

Lisa with Nigel Cooke at ‘An Audience with John Bercow’.

Two new comments on the ‘What people have said’ page.

“It was great to hear some tips from the Speaker about how to engage with Parliament. Sometimes it’s easy to feel quite removed from Westminster but after listening to John Bercow I now feel that we all have a responsibility to be lobbying our MPs and trying to work with select committees to share the knowledge from within our communities.”

Nigel Cooke – Chief Executive, One Nottingham

“I would like to thank the Champions for their work in helping NHS Nottingham City to engage with people who have used mental health services and for helping to shape future services. The Champions have been involved in several projects including the review of third sector services, the development of quality indicators in service specifications and in the mental health Joint Strategic Needs Assessment. I look forward to working with them on future projects to ensure that the services we commission are of a high quality and meet the needs of our citizens.”

Charlotte Wilcockson – Commissioning Manager, Mental Health & Learning Disabilities, NHS Nottingham City

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