Elinor in the Nottingham Post

Elinor in the Nottingham Post

One of our voulteers wrote an artical about her experiences volunteering which was featured in the Nottingham Post on Monday 23rd April. Elinor has been volunteering with us since the summer of 2010 when she was recruited onto the energy squad since then she has volunteered on many projects and at many events.  

‘You could see the women’s confidence and self-esteem grow, as did mine’

‘I help it raise awareness of issues like mental health at community events by running an information stall.’

‘My role as a committee member includes taking minutes and I’ve chaired one of the meetings too’

‘I love to learn and I learn a lot from volunteering, via the different projects I’m involved with.’

‘I’ve made new friends, learnt more skills, furthered my knowledge considerably and I get out and about a lot more.’

‘I am so glad I became a volunteer as my life has changed so much and for the better. I’d like to encourage everyone to try volunteering, it’s so rewarding and it makes a huge difference to people’s lives. It truly is a wonderful and worthwhile experience’.

‘Hopefully, I’m helping Bright Ideas to achieve its aim of getting the word across to people about the important issues and topics they’re promoting’

‘The best bit about volunteering? All of it. The hardest bit? I haven’t come across that yet and to be honest, I don’t think I will.’

Click here to read Elinor’s full artical.



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