The Voice: British Heart Foundation launches new campaign

The Voice: British Heart Foundation launches new campaign

The Voice newspaper have given the Heart Health programme (and Patty Dumplin!) a great write up, you can read it below or click here to read the full article on their website.


“The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has unveiled a new initiative to raise awareness about keeping the heart healthy. Entitled ‘Heart Health’, the programme has been designed to get the African-Caribbean community outside London thinking about heart and circulatory diseases.

In order to further garner attention, BHF has enlisted the campaigning prowess of Patty Dumplin, fictional “larger than life” character who is a chef.

According to BHF, “people with an African Caribbean background are most at risk of having high blood pressure or a stoke, and amongst the highest risk for type-2 diabetes of all the ethnic groups in the UK.”

Recently, Dumplin was deployed to Nottingham to visit African-Caribbean community events where she spread the word on healthy eating and dietary habits. Whilst talking to locals the colourful lady chef handed out recipe books and information packs, and also gave her own unique tips on how to lead an active, healthy life.

When handing out a recipe book to a young boy at a local farm event, Dumplin said: “De little boy pickney show off to all him friend de British Heart Foundation new recipe book and point out what him know. Me so proud of him. Big up to granny who teach him!”

BHF’s Christmas message is: “Enhance your festive fuzziness this Christmas by giving a donation.

“BHF funds life-saving research, campaigns for the best healthcare for heart patients, funds and supports more than 800 dedicated heart nurses and other healthcare professionals and runs scores of outreach and education programmes to help people of all ages and from all backgrounds look after their heart health.

To donate, just text the message BHFB22 and the amount you want to give to 70070″

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