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Rebecca and James Case Study

Bright Ideas Case Study

Bright Ideas is a vibrant community based business that is passionate about working with local people to effect change and improvement in their communities. They seek to improve the quality and access to services for local people through cultural brokerage and community engagement and involvement. Bright Ideas specialise in research, training and development, devising campaigns and information materials, hosting vibrant events, training trainers and encouraging local people to be involved through volunteering.

Lisa Robinson, Director at Bright Ideas says that they became involved with Future Jobs Fund because it met the needs of their organisation well. “Bright Ideas does a lot of work for public funds– therefore there is a need to ensure good value for money. Future Jobs Fund seemed an ideal way to offer services with very little risk and expenditure – but with maximum benefit to the local community.”

Lisa says “FJF is a good scheme – however it would be better to fund employment for longer.  The young people are just getting in to the job at six months and we have to let them go.”  Lisa feels that the most positive thing about FJF is seeing the change within the young people involved – “particularly the huge increase in confidence.”

Lisa’s advice to young people looking for employment in these challenging times is to “go and volunteer your time doing something that is meaningful to you”.  Lisa believes that volunteering is a good opportunity to gain experience and will be great for your CV.  “Rather than have a gap on your CV – fill it with volunteering. Don’t see it as working for free; see it as gaining free training.”

James Gallivan and Rebekah Gough were both FJF employees at Bright who finished their six months on the project and continued to volunteer with Bright Ideas.


James Gallivan

James had been claiming JSA for six months before getting the job of Volunteers Coordinator at Bright Ideas.  Before that he had worked as a trainee graphic designer for three months straight after leaving college. James was hoping to get a design job but didn’t mind looking for work in a different field.

James feels that this experience has opened his mind to other jobs. “I wasn’t confident enough to do tasks before.” James thinks FJF was a good scheme, “I had a really good experience and it has provided me with an opportunity to go into a different field. There will be lots to put on my CV. FJF was really good and has given me a taste for working life.”



Rebekah Gough

Rebekah had been claiming JSA after leaving university and was looking for a media related job.  She worked at Bright Ideas as an Events and Media coordinator. Rebekah initially thought the job would be quite basic “data entry on the computer,” however it turned out to be much more than that.

Rebekah says “when I finished Uni, it was so hard to get a job. Therefore it was nice to have a scheme just for young people so only we could apply for the jobs. It would have been good if it was longer than six months.” Rebekah says it’s hard to say what the best thing of working at Bright Ideas has been as “there have been loads. Probably all the training; learning on the job, the NVQ and personal development courses”.

Both James and Rebekah worked towards an NVQ in Business Administration while at Bright Ideas. Rebekah is beginning a temporary contract with Bright Ideas to continue as the Events and Media Coordinator. The Director of Bright Ideas is seeking funding and hopes to be able to employ both Rebekah and James in the future.


Monday Meeting – Dan


Hello all! This Monday Meeting is with Dan, who was the person that kept you up dated on the website with everything that was going off at Bright Ideas. However he has now left us to pursue his dreams. He was a key member of the team and we are all missing him already! We all hope he continues to create new Bright Ideas! He gave us a few last words before he left for the Monday Meeting.

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Monday Meeting – Jane

This week’s Monday Meeting is with Jane, who was one of our eNerGy Squad facilitators.

Sadly, Jane has now left Bright Ideas Nottingham as her project has ended – She will be missed, and always remembered. She was always full of Bright Ideas for the energy Squad! We all wish her the best of luck for the future and thank her for all her hard work!

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Monday Meeting – Audrain

Hello all! Monday Meetings are back! This week’s Monday Meeting  is with Audrain, who recently departed from Bright Ideas as her projects have now come to an end. But before she went she had time to give us a interview for the Monday Meetings. She was a key member of the team and we are missing her already! We all hope that her future is Bright and full of Ideas.

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An Audience with John Bercow

Thanks to all who came to the event today, it was a fantastic success.  Mr Speaker was brilliant, we very much enjoyed his short talk about Government and his patience in answering questions, at times with some good anecdotes.  For more information about what happened at the event, please head over to the blog site where there are summaries that were written during the event.


The Monday Meeting – Listone

Listone Longwei - Volunteer Marketing Assistant

This week, it is Listone’s turn in the hot seat for the Monday Meeting.  Listone works with us as a Marketing Assistant whilst he is studying for a masters degree in Marketing Management, and has been a fantastic addition to the team since he joined us in December.

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Monday Meeting – Nadia

Nadia Mir - Project Assistant for Let’s Get to the Bottom of Things, eNerGy Squad and TRIF (Get On Up).

This week’s Monday Meeting (really it’s Tuesday because your webmaster was at the beach) is with Nadia Mir, project assistant on Let’s Get to the Bottom of Things, eNerGy Squad and TRIF (Get On Up).

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The Monday Meeting: Kathleen

Kathleen Mckay, Project Assistant and Champions Network Co-Ordinator

This week Kathleen McKay, the Champions Network Co-ordinator, answers our questions.  Read her interview here!

The Monday Meeting

This is the first in a series of interviews with members of the Bright Ideas team.  First up is Company PA, Karen.  Click on her image below to visit her page!

Karen Lock, Company PA

So long, farewell….

Helen and Tanimola have been fantastic members of the team at Bright Ideas, helping to develop work with their well honed skills and expertise.  They have both begun new jobs at the start of this new year, Helen here in Nottingham and Tani all the way down in Exeter.  We will be staying in touch, but want to wish them all the best in their new roles and thank them for all their hard work.  We will miss you!