Too Quiet! Too Long!

Too Quiet! Too Long!

On the 9th July 2010 BME Cancer Communities are organizing and hosting an event in Nottingham called “Too Quiet, Too Long” to encourage increased awareness and early detection of cancer featuring Des Coleman as special guest. The event is part of ethnic minority cancer awareness week.

Cancer affects everyone; however, we know that some ethnic groups are more at risk of certain cancers than others. For example African-Caribbean men are three times more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than white men, mouth cancer is more common among South Asian communities and liver cancer is higher among Bangladeshi and Chinese communities. In addition to this, awareness of cancer and uptake of some cancer services is lower in ethnic minority communities. All this can result in poorer survival for ethnic minorities. By supporting and taking part in Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Week you will be working to raise awareness of cancer in your own community and empowering individuals to take up the services available to them.  For more information visit the  EMCAW web site.

“Too Quiet, Too Long” will be at Nottingham CVS (7 Mansfield Road, NG1 3FB) from 1 till 3 pm and is open to the public. It is supported by the African Caribbean Health Network and Bright Ideas Nottingham.  Click here for a map.

The eNerGy Doctor operates



Having had several new faces join Bright Ideas over the last few months, a well-deserved tidy and reorganising of the offices is underway.  A new office for eNerGy squad and Champions of Change now have their own space, waiting for some desks and a lick of paint.  We all eagerly await….

Champions TV

Champions TV

This is our new TV, first featured at the Celebrating Volunteering event in Market Square on Saturday (5th June). The hot, busy day was fantastic, meeting lots of people including the Mayor and Mayoress.

Volunteers Week 2010

It is National Volunteers Week, and there are several events in the city to mark it.  Bright Ideas will be at two of those:

Champions of Change will be in Market Square from 10-4 on Saturday 5th June; come and join us on our new sofa in our sitting room and talk about how Champions can help change the way mental health services are delivered in Nottingham.  The event will feature entertainment and stalls from lots of city-wide voluntary groups showing who they are and what they are passionate about.

eNerGy Squad will be at Clifton Cornerstone on Friday 4th June for the Clifton Volunteering Day; come along to meet the eNerGy Doctor and find out how you could be part of an exciting group that helps people save money by saving energy in their local area whilst gaining experience of teamwork, organising and possibly a training course.  eNerGy Squad are specifically looking for people to join them in Clifton, so if you are up to the challenge, come and find out more!

The eNerGy doctor operates….

IMG_0020, originally uploaded by Bright Ideas Nottingham.

eNerGy squad had a fantastic day out at the Arboretum green festival; hot hot sun, music and masses of people made for a great time. We managed to talk to lots of people about saving money by saving energy, and the eNerGy doctor put in a special appearance to operate on some lemons.

Arboretum Green Festival

eNerGy squad will be at the Arboretum Green festival this Sunday (23rd May) from 12-6, bringing you a whole host of information and activities.  Pop along and learn about energy efficiency, or talk to volunteers and facilitators about how to get involved with eNerGy squad.

The eNerGy Doctor is rumoured to be making an appearance; some say the life of a lemon hangs in the balance and only he can save it.

The Green Festival is an annual event with live music, food and a whole host of stalls run by different organisations committed to seeing Nottingham become a greener place.  The met office promise that the sun will shine, it promises to be a great day.

The Green Festival Facebook page

The eNerGy squad event page

Audrian and Liz

Audrian and Liz, originally uploaded by Bright Ideas Nottingham.

Audrian and Liz are going to be hitting the streets of Bilborough in their toilet costumes, hoping to speak to people about the NHS Bowel cancer Screening. ‘If we can dress like this, then you can give us 5 minutes of your time’ says Audrian – look out for two toilets coming your way, and say hello.

Developing hard….

Just to say that there is now some content on the Champions of Change and eNerGy squad pages, we are gradually building up our WordPress so that it gives the best reflection of what Bright Ideas and all of our projects are about.

Keep checking back for more info, and while you wait, make friends with us on Facebook.